poniedziałek, 16 maja 2011

The art of positive thinking

Polish people are regarded as pessimists and malocntents. They are usually dissatisfied with life, they have a strong sense of wrong and they are convinced that all th calamities happen only to them, of course unjustly.

czwartek, 12 maja 2011


Snobbery is regarded as a negative quality. Snobs usually pretend that they are better or wiser than others. They also pay too much respect to social position or wealth and often imitate the style of life of the upper classes to which they do not belong.

środa, 11 maja 2011

The magic of laughter

It is hardly believable but the ability to laugh is only quality which distinguishes us from animals. Laughter is a real benefit. It is even said that it heal body and soul. There is much truth in that.

poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011


We are often envious of people who easily make friends, who are open and spirited. We would also like to be so resolute and energetic. However, shyness paralyses our actions. We feel uncomfortable in the presence of other people and are afraid of coming out of our own shell.

Welcome to the jungle!


Here I am. Theel. You won't find anything interesting on this site. I will write here some stuff which has been created in my brain. Nothing special, though. Just enjoy the show. Frist note will be able soon. And it's going to freak you out.