poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011


We are often envious of people who easily make friends, who are open and spirited. We would also like to be so resolute and energetic. However, shyness paralyses our actions. We feel uncomfortable in the presence of other people and are afraid of coming out of our own shell.
Everything we are going to say seems to us so stupid that we withdraw into ourselves. We are also afraid of being ridiculted or rejected. We think that we are so boring, unatrractive and uninteresting that we are unworthy of anyone's notice. And that is exactly where the problem is. If we do not cope with it, we shall never manage to get out of this vicious circle.

A positive attitude towards oneself is the first step to overcoming shyness. If we assume an attitude of negation or dissastisfaction, we generate certain negative radiation which is intuitively perceptible by other people. Positive thinking, on the other hand, facilitates relationships, with others and makes our contacts easier. The best recipe is therefore repeating to ourselves that we are nice and attractive people, untin it sinks into our mind. A very helpful thing is also the language of the body: a smile, glance, mimicry, gestures or even the way we lean the head. If we return someone's smile, we can be sure that the next step will be much easier.

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  1. Alcohol works well too. Just a little bit of alcohol and I don't care what anybody thinks of me.

  2. I think that it's not the solution for the longer time.

  3. Hurry up with another post.

  4. I am shy, and I am proud of it.

  5. I'm shy too... I feel as though I can relate to you! By the way for some "pick me up" recipes check out... http://buttcrackchef.blogspot.com/